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Why should I work with a designer?

Enhance your home renovations with expert interior designers. Discover how interior designers play a crucial role in creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and efficient living spaces during home construction and renovation. With a keen eye for design principles, color combinations, and spatial layouts, her creativity transforms ordinary rooms into extraordinary living areas. Beyond furniture and decor selection, they prioritize factors such as lighting, traffic flow, and ergonomics to improve your quality of life. Their expertise bridges the gap between the owners’ architectural vision and preferences, resulting in custom interiors that reflect their unique style. Maximizing space in small apartments or creating luxury retreats in larger homes, our interior designers bring creativity and experience to every project. Partner with one of our design partners to achieve beautiful, functional living spaces tailored to your needs.

Meet Our Designers

Mark Haynes

President & Principal Of MarkDesign.LLC

Mark Design is an award-winning, boutique residential interior design firm based in Denver, Colorado. They are known for their intuitive approach and meticulous attention to detail. Specializing in residential interior design, Mark Design creates homes that combine functionality with beauty, tailored precisely to each client’s needs. With experience in project management, he ensures efficiency and accuracy from budgeting to installation. Mark ensures the quality and design of his projects by being selective with the projects he takes on in a way that ensures the quality of the product and the process.

JulieAnna Reinhardt

President & Principal Interior Designer of Designs by JulieAnna, Inc.

From an award-winning career in Residential Interior Design that started with new home builds, JulieAnna Reinhardt has helped over 1500 clients achieve their dreams for the look and feel of their homes. Her outgoing and personalized approach is key, and the initial in-home design consultation is complimentary allowing JulieAnna to get to know her clients in their own homes. After the initial meeting, a personalized budget will be created, followed by selection meetings at her beautiful Denver area showrooms. The partnership between JulieAnna and ALH construction is the icing on the cake! JulieAnna will be part of the entire process, passively working with ALH to ensure a seamless project. She will make herself available to her clients for any questions that may arise and will be on hand for construction walks and final walkthroughs at the end of the project.

The ALH Difference

ALH is not your typical contracting company. In fact, we are different from many other general contractors out there.

What sets ALH Contracting apart?

  • We have our own highly skilled crew in-house.
    • This means we start on the day the job begins and don’t stop until the project is finished. There is a dedicated team assigned to your project throughout the entire process.
    • We generally do not use subcontractors, unless we need licensed professionals as required by the regulating jurisdiction. When we do use subcontractors, they are vetted and we trust them to provide the highest quality work to our lofty standards.
  • We don’t mark up the materials. Most contractors upcharge for materials because they need to shop, deliver, and return materials which costs time and money. That is not the case with us, you pay the same price as we do!
    • Additionally, all our special volume and corporate discounts are passed on to our clients. This can result in up to 20% savings on select items. So in total, an item from another contractor could be 40% more expensive than with us (they have a 20% markup and we get a 20% discount). On a $5,000 item, that equates to $2,000 back in your pocket. That’s pretty good! As far as we know, we are the only company who does that.
  • We don’t charge for estimates. All estimates are free of charge.
  • We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Since we are licensed, we can pull our own permits resulting in time savings and a decrease in delays. We are also fully insured and bonded so our clients can feel at ease knowing that everything is being done to the highest standards, and no corners are being cut.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that set us apart from other contractors. On top of that, we are solely dedicated to providing an amazing and seamless turnkey service for our clients from start to finish. We have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals and pride ourselves on high quality work. You can see in the video below a full house remodel we completed in Denver and the high quality craftsmanship of our work.

Our Core Values


We take pride in providing the highest quality customer service in the industry. No matter the size of the project, we assure the best service and quality of work. Guaranteed.

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What Our Amazing Clients are Saying


“ALH made our kitchen simply breathtaking! Their attention to detail is unrivaled. We drew it up and he built it exactly how we dreamed. We could not have been more pleased with Abraham and his entire team.”

“After all the horror stories everyone kept telling me, I feel so lucky to have found ALH, who were professional and great! You can’t do better than ALH. If I could give 10 stars, I would.”

“Abraham and his team were lifesavers!”

“David and Abraham were great to work with, I give this company the highest praise and my total endorsement.”

“I could not be more impressed by Abraham and his team at ALH Contracting. This is a first-class operation.”

“ALH Contracting is the best of the best!”

“We’re so grateful for Abraham and his honesty, timely work, and reasonable pricing. Definitely the BEST contractor we have ever worked with! We will definitely be using him for any future projects.”

“They are trustworthy, honest, and great to work with. I will be using them for my future projects.

“We’ve used a lot of different contractors previously. None have come close to matching David’s work and attention to detail – not to mention his great communication with us as the customer.”

“Open communication, terrific work ethic and beautiful workmanship.

“Finally a contractor committed, competent, flexible, and honest!”

“It’s hard to find someone both trustworthy and capable, and ALH is both!”

“We are absolutely thrilled with the results of their work. They both met and exceeded our expectations”

“ALH did an outstanding job and went above and beyond my expectations. I would hire him back in a heartbeat!”

“Complete transparency and trustworthiness.”

isabel yang

Isabel, Homeowner

5 star review

“I hired ALH to finish my basement, and they did a fantastic job. The most important thing for me in dealing with contractors is integrity and transparency. I appreciated the way Abraham managed his business and his interactions with me. There was clear cost accounting for materials and labor. Complete transparency and trustworthiness. His team is very punctual and does very good work. Abraham also makes good recommendations to save me money on materials and design options. My basement turned out exactly the way I envisioned it.”


Cassandra, Homeowner

5 star review

“Abraham at ALH has been a lifesaver! In this current Denver market, it’s hard to find someone both trustworthy and capable, and ALH is both! They’ve worked on multiple properties for us including rentals and getting our AirBnBs updated and ready for use. Not to mention adding a second bath to our listing is what we need to get it sold. I highly recommend Abraham and his great team!”


Morgan, Homeowner

5 star review

“We moved into a new house and had some remodels done and Abraham quickly came and resolved some of the issues left behind by other contractors. Within one day of contact he had his guys out fixing drywall, drilling new holes in our quartz to properly fit faucets and plumbing, and installing our downstairs faucets and plumbing. We were so grateful for him and his honesty, timely work, and reasonable pricing. Definitely the BEST contractor we have ever worked with! We will definitely be using him for any future projects.”


Kaitlyn, Homeowner

5 star review

“ALH recently finished our renovation, and we couldn’t be happier with the process or the results. We bought a 1950s house this past spring, and our relator recommended ALH to us, since we were wanting to make some updates before we moved in. We got a quote from them, as well as two other contractors, and ALH’s pricing and availability were both the best we received. David, who managed the project, was personable, dependable, and communicative, and every single person he had working on our renovation was absolutely top-tier in terms of both demeanor/professionalism and the quality of their work. They both met and exceeded our expectations, and we will be calling them back up for all our future renovation needs.””


Amber, Homeowner

5 star review

“We had ALH complete a large remodel job on our home. It included a completely new kitchen, living room, floors, staircase, HVAC system, several windows, doors, paint, trim, and basement carpet. We could not have been more pleased with Abraham and his entire team. David, our project manager, saw everything through from design, to start, many changes along the way, and to completion. Anything we asked for or changed as we went along was always met with “no problem.” Rodrigo, the main carpenter (and truly an artisan!), was a pleasure to have in our home. He built the most beautiful custom, maple cabinets to our exact specifications. He made our kitchen simply breathtaking! His attention to detail is unrivaled. He also built a custom showcase cabinet for our living room, including LED lighting. We drew it up and he built it exactly how we dreamed. All the crew members were a pleasure to work with. They were clean, punctual, friendly, kind, courteous, detailed in their work, and always happy to do what we asked of them. Abraham and David were communicative throughout the process and made sure my husband and I were happy at every step of the way. Their bid was fair, detailed, thorough, and completed on budget. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for construction work talk to ALH about their job. We could not be more pleased and happy that we did!”


Andrea, Homeowner

5 star review

“You know all those stories you hear about a contracting firm taking all your money, not finishing the work, running over budget, over time, and then disappearing? Well, none of that happened with ALH! The PM, David, was amazing. He came and gave me a reasonable quote, then proceeded to do exactly what he said he would do when he said he’d do it, and for the right price. To be fair, I kept adding things, like a new front door, a new stair rail, etc., all of which came out amazing! David was very professional, and the expert tradesmen, Sergio, Manuel and others were great to work with. They were like artists! I mean, look at that fireplace! and the backsplash. They hand made the bench seating, the pull out spice rack and the broom closet. They found mold in my wall, and did the remediation quickly, and found a leak that they also fixed. I couldn’t be happier with the result. It is even better than what I had in my head. After all the horror stories everyone kept telling me, I feel so lucky to have found ALH, who were professional and great! Oh, and did I mention that they had a cleaning crew come in after who even did windows and everything else, so my house was spotless at the end. Then they had me make a punch list of little things that got missed and they came back and did that too. You can’t do better thank ALH. If I could give 10 stars, I would.”


Emily, Homeowner

5 star review

“Abraham and his team were lifesavers – after a disastrous situation involving a Home Depot subcontracted team that we had to fire, we hired ALH to come in and remedy the problem by leveling our kitchen and laundry floor in September. We also ended up having ALH install our new tiles in the kitchen and laundry, as well as building a new basement door and step on our front entryway. Working with Abraham and his team was great – they were fast (seriously, this whole thing took 3 days total and only because drying time was required) and accurate, honest, reasonably priced, and the work has held up great so far. I really appreciated the team fitting in our smaller job in the busy home renovation season and we plan to reach out with future work!”


Bernadett, Investor

5 star review

“ALH Contracting, LLC is the best of the best. Fast, quality, professional work from a licensed professional. He and his crew removed a window and installed an exterior sliding door for us. We asked quotes from other pros, but, quickly realized that none had a license and did not know how to get the permit. The pros without a license gave us higher quotes than David. We would definitely recommend ALH Contracting for anyone and will work with them again for our next project. Thank you David!”


Amy, Homeowner

5 star review

“I could not be more impressed by Abraham and his team at ALH Contracting. This is a first class operation. I would highly recommend his services for any home project you may have. Not only was he very knowledgeable and courteous he displayed a work ethic and customer service that was second to none. I was blown away by his responsiveness and availability. This is all too rare these days. I will be enlisting Abraham and his teams’ services for several other home projects I have and will not look to hire anyone else. Truly first class!”

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